AADCP Honorable Board Past President Carey Snyder Hyatt

Honorable Carey Snyder Hyatt (Retired)
Executive Member

I became involved in the Problem-solving Court arena in 1996 when then Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Susan Bolton recruited me to preside over an expansion of our first Adult Drug Court that she and her team implemented in 1992.  It was the best thing that could have happened to me in my judicial career as it lit a fire in me for therapeutic justice.  Over the succeeding 19 years of my time on the bench, I was fortunate to serve on many Drug Court teams, including Adult Criminal, Mental Health, and Family.

I became involved with the AADCP Board in 2014 just prior to my retirement from the bench, and have served in the offices President and Immediate Past President.  I am proud of the dedicated professionals who make up our membership and their tireless Board members, whose passion for continuing education and training in this field never diminishes.  I hope to continue to assist and support the AADCP and its goals for the future.