Chief John Morris AADCP Board Member at Large

John Morris
Executive Member

I am happy to say that I have enjoyed my work in the field of adult probation for nearly the last twenty years. I have been currently serving as Chief Adult Probation Officer for the over two years. One of the major initiatives in probation work that has brought me inspiration and satisfaction is my work in problem solving courts. Beginning in 2000, Yavapai County Adult probation has been involved in Family, DUI, and Drug Courts. Within the last three years we have developed and initiated a Mental Health Court. I was involved in the planning and implementation of our first Family, DUI and Drug Courts and in 2006 I became Yavapai County’s first Drug Court Coordinator. Whether it was by assisting in the planning of our annual problem solving courts conference or presenting nationally at our NADCP or APPA conferences – my passion for problem solving courts has been unwavering.

I have enjoyed the privilege of serving on the Board of Arizona Association of Drug Court Professionals (AADCP) since 2006 either as Vice-President or Member at Large – as I am currently serving. I am indeed blessed to work side by side with fellow board members whose heartfelt dedication and commitment is reflected in planning annual conferences that receive consistent positive reviews from state-wide participants. We have been affirmed nationally as a state that is committed to being a force for positive change. Problem solving courts have proven to not only “be the change we want to see in the world,” to quote Gandhi, but they have brought the change we want to see in the world. We are fortunate to work in a state that has committed to using evidence based practices in a strategic way to effect long term change, make our communities safer and save tax payer dollars.