Each year, AADCP honors individuals and teams that make a positive impact on Arizona’s problem solving courts through its Commitment to Excellent and Innovation Awards.

Click one of the links below if you’d like to nominate someone who is committed to excellence and innovation:


Commitment to Excellence Award


The AADCP Commitment to Excellence Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated exemplary performance and who consistently excels in his/her responsibilities through his/her integrity and strong commitment to the mission and values of the organization he or she represents. The individual consistently demonstrates outstanding dedication, competence, exceptional performance, excellent customer service and ingenuity while performing at a level above and beyond normal expectations. This individual has made exceptional contributions which have had a significant, positive impact on their problem solving court and/or its participants.


Innovation Award


This award recognizes a problem solving court team for excellence in creating an innovative approach that brings tangible creative benefits to their program. In addition to being rewarded for true excellence in innovation, we understand that innovation requires outstanding teamwork to create a program that really makes a difference.


2016 Award Winners